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In 2009 we opened the 4x4 Accessory store, due to our belief we could supply great products at competitive prices to customers all over Australia. Now from the growth in that business and our experience with 4x4 Truck's and accessories we have now a "specialist" 4x4 Truck Accessory store.

All our team has experience in the supply of 4x4 accessories for recreational, Tool of trade and business needs and we have vast experience in building special 4x4 vehicles for mining applications.

With this knowledge and experience, we can answer your questions and ensure you get the right 4x4 "Truck" accessory to suit your needs.

In 2010, we developed a relationship with WARRIOR which is an Australian company suppling quality 4x4 "Truck" accessories. This relationship has grown and we are now the NSW agent for their parts & accessories, as well as their agent 4x4 Specialised vehicle builds like our "Warrior Mine Bus". We work very closely with the team at WARRIOR, and assist in development from customer feedback, and ideas we get from testing the product range.

The 4wd "Truck" Accessory Store in partnership with its sister business Mining Vehicles - Australia has completed extensive testing on all the products, as we run these parts & accessories on our own mining vehicle fleet.

We are committed to customer service, quality products, and value for money, so when you're looking for your next 4x4 "Truck" accessory , YOU know where to go... The 4x4 "Truck" Accessory Store, buy online today...

Mark Lancaster

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