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Single Wheel Conversions
Single Wheel Conversions Price : $7,900.00
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Standard conversion kit for new vehicles includes:

  • 5 x 6 stud rims 8.25 x 19.5 Load rated to 6 tonne ISO approved
  • 5 x 285/70R19.5 Toyo M608Z 145/143M fitted to rims (load rated to 2,900kgs per tyre) Highway Pattern also available
  • 12 x valves fitted to rims
  • 1 x Extra vacuum tank & fittings
  • 1 x Speedo re-calibration unit
  • 12 x Single wheel nuts for rear  
  • 1 x Second Stage Manufacture plate

Advantages of Rear Single Wheels compared to dual wheels:

  • Each tyre is load rated to 2900kgs
  • 16ply casing instead of 10-12ply
  • Wider footprint better stability, handling of vehicle
  • Better ride & handling over corrugations, offroad tracks, soft going, mud, sand etc
  • Our track is exactly the same front and rear making turning circles easy in mud, clay, sand
  • Each rim has two valves making inflating & deflating tyres easier
  • Each rim is ISO approved to 6 tonne
  • All rims can be rotated front to rear because of our track is exactly the same
  • No more rocks stuck between the dual wheels causing both tyres to blow out
  • All our rims are tubeless
  • The tyres we use are 285/70R19.5 Toyo M608Z 145/143 load rating

These tyres are approximately 70% road/Sand & 30% dirt/mud compared to OEM which is 100% road/sand & very hard to find offroad tyres in 7.50R16 or 8.5R17.5 - No more tube repairs or replacing tubes. The Toyo tyres has approximately 15mm tread instead of OEM which has approximately 13mm tread giving you more kilometres from your tyres.

The tyres we use are 285/70R19.5 Toyo M608Z  16ply 145/143 load rated to 2,900kgs per tyre overall rolling diameter 899mm which is approximately 94mm taller than original tyres which are approximately 805mm rolling diameter. The tread is approximately 70% road/sand & 30% dirt/mud we currently have an expedition vehicle in Africa doing a 5 year documentary around the world he also is on Toyo M608Z and has done approximately 50,000kms on them 90% of these kilometres were on harsh off road conditions and only 1 puncture. We also have available a Highway pattern which is 90% road/sand & 10% light gravel roads these tyres are load rated to 2900kgs per tyre and are also a 16ply.

Our super single wheel conversion kits for ISUZU NPS 250/300 &  Mitsubishi Canter FG 84  which are now fully certified-Second Stage Manufacture plated & D.O.T.A.R.S approved & legal Australia wide We are the only known company in Australia to have these compliances for the NB2 category trucks. We have also been approved by Queensland Transport to carry out Single Wheel Conversion on registered models ISUZU NPS 250/300 4x4 & Mitsubishi Canters FG 637 & FG 649 & FG84 4x4 from 1990 to current models with no engineers report  required.  

We have now fitted Single wheel Conversion Kits to registered vehicles in NSW, W.A. S.A. & Vic. with an Engineer’s certificate.

Extras: Flare guards are available for Single Cab we would need to keep the dual cab guards to make a mould then allow too weeks to Manufacture. As the vehicle is unseen if we have to remove or modify any components to carry out our Single Wheel Conversion due to body mounted on truck customer to be notified of any modification and given an estimated price on job

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