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Tyre Monitoring Kit no Booster
Tyre Monitoring Kit no Booster Price : $660.00
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Tyre Monitor System without booster:

  • 1 x Monitor
  • 6 x Transmitters
  • 6 x Transmitter Lock

Monitor Dimensions

  • Height – 64 mm (monitor only)
  • 102 mm high with base
  • Width – 174 mm
  • Depth – 25 mm

Transmitter Dimensions

  • Height – 33 mm
  • Diameter – 29 mm

Information on Tyre Monitor System 

  • Transmitter Lock
  • Transmitters
  • Monitor

Monitors up to 38 positions. The Monitor can be positioned in a variety of locations in the cabin/dashboard area. Booster can/will be fitted in the luggage compartment out of public view.

Fulltime visual monitoring of all tyre positions. Unit is hard wired for consistency in power supply.

Four separate pressure loss alarms that will alert the driver, 12.5%, 25% and 50% loss of designated pressures, fast leak alarm if more than 2psi is lost in 12 seconds.

High temperature alarm for the detection of brake drag and bearing over heating issues.

High pressure alarm if a tyre exceeds 25% above a designated pressure.

Transmitter lock is a standard inclusion in the set for anti-theft.

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