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Long Leaf Suspension Kit
Long Leaf Suspension Kit Price : $0.00
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Suspension Upgrade - Long Leaf Kit

  • Replace front & rear spring packs
  • Replace castor wedges & u bolts
  • Replace all shock absorbers with Roboshocks
  • Modifications to chassis to mount all spring packs
  • Modifications to all front & rear hangers
  • Laser wheel alignment

This kits is great for heavy duty applications , for a great ride and handling but still with great handling , and unbeatable 4x4 suspension travel.

Extras: If vehicle has a body attached we will have to remove & replace body and any components that maybe in the way so we can carry out this suspension upgrade. Due to vehicle unseen customer to be charged at an hourly rate. For this suspension kit your vehicle will need to be delivered to our production plant to be installed. Please confirm additional transport charges and time required to complete build.

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